We offer our customers a change to dine as a part of their cruise experience. You can enjoy your meal on the dock, during the cruise or even in some of our cruise destinations. Our catering partners 4Catering and Tom & Crill Catering can answer your possible needs with their versatile menus and variety of fresh ingredients.

There is also possibility to get a chef to the boat with you and prepare a meal there. We can also organize a cooking lesson in some of destinations to your whole party.

In the Laukontori harbor area Hopealinja restaurant services and numerous restaurant and cafeterias will cater your needs.

We will together with the customer go through the different possibilities on how to implement the catering for the cruise. After that we will together decide on a catering-service and the menu.

If you want to enjoy alcoholic beverages during your cruise, you are welcome to bring them with you to the boat.

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