Cruise packages

Bachelor party

Girls night

Dinner on the boat

Our charter services are fully customizable to the customers schedules and needs, but we have drafted a few example packages here to make your decisions a little bit easier. The entertainment and  catering offered will be billed as an additional service to the boat rent fee. Here you can see some price examples!

Company meeting or recreational day

Incl. driving around the shores of Tampere and Pirkkala in a relaxing environment. A small getaway from the noises of the city center. Catering could include coffee, refreshments and sandwiches for example. The boat has up-to-date technology needed for business meetings, including a wlan-connection, TVs equipped with Internet and a modern sound system.

An other option is for us to take you to some facilities that are suitable for having meetings and after the meeting we will drive you back to Laukontori harbor. Here are some suitable facilities that are located around the shores of Pyhäjärvi:

Villa Härmälänranta
Varalan kokoustilat 
Vaihmalan Hovi

Meeting on the Laukontori Harbor (max. 6 people, 2h 380€, extra hours 50€/h)

You can also have a meeting on the boat when it sits in its home dock in Laukotori. Then you don’t have to leave the city center at all. It’s a nice change to have a meeting on a boat on a sunny day compared to a dull office building. The dock doesn’t have any private boats on it, so you’ll be guaranteed a peaceful environment for you business.

The boat has up-to-date technology needed for business meetings, including a wlan-connection, TVs equipped with Internet and a modern sound system. Catering includes coffee, refreshments and sandwiches.


Sauna experience, (maximum. 15 hlö) 

incl. driving around the Tampere area of lake Pyhäjärvi and eventually stopping to a destination with a sauna. The company will be able to relax in the sauna and afterwards the boat will take the people back to Laukontori or any other preferred destination.

Here are some potential saunas:

Varalan sauna (Starting at 370€)

Vaihmalan Hovi (275€/night incl. a jacuzzi Max. 10 people)

Viikinsaaren sauna (2h = 300€, 5h = 600€)

(we will make all the necessary reservations for you)

Attention! We have to check the availability of the saunas before confirming your order. The rent for the boat will be added to the prices.

Bachelor party pack, 3h (xx €/person + xx € for the boat)

incl. buffet-lunch for the whole party, refreshments, towels for swimming (minimum 8 people)

Girls night, 3h (xx €/person + xx € for the boat)

incl. cocktail-buffet, cruise around Viikinsaari island (approx. 45min), professional hairdresser and a makeup artists on the boat, entrance fees to a nightclub in Tampere city centre (minimum 8 people)

Dinner on the boat, 4h (xx €/person + xx € for the boat)

incl. A chef with you on the boat. He prepares and serves a menu that is planned in advance with the customer, refreshments (max. 6 people)

VIP – Theatre package to Viikinsaari (xx €/person + xx € for the boat)

Incl. ticket to see the the show “Kuumia aaltoja ja laastareita” in Viikinsaari, driving around the lake Pyhäjärvi for an hour before the show, VIP-services on the half time of the show including a table reservation with champagne, strawberries and coffee, transportation back to Laukontori.

Additional services that can be combined with all the cruise packages:

Catering services (4Catering ja Tom & Crill Catering)
Cruise hosts (co-opertation with model Satu Tuomisto)
Music performances